On the starting screen, you have 5 buttons on the bottom of the page, with your stats on the top:

Current Level and Exp Edit

Level exp

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Energy Edit


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PvP Energy Edit

PvP Points

World Edit

This is where you can explore the World of Pondera, taking Quests for gaining money and characters, both for enhancing and fighting.

Allies Edit

Here you can check your Allies status, enhance, evolve and sell them. You can also modify your Crew of existing members, or add new ones.

Summon Edit

It lets your use either Portals for either gems or hearts, in order to acquire a new ally for your crew. There are currently two portals, plus special portals open for a limited time: Elite portal which uses gems and Friend portal for which hearts are required.

Versus Edit

Lets you access to the PvP system, facing human opponents for a chance of climbing the league. You can review your PvP performances here, battle and check for League rewards.

Social Edit

Here you can manage your friends, invite (recruit) new friends, accept invitations and add references.