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Battle in this special event and gather all the fragments to get this powerful ally! Enhance and evolve him to his powerful 5 star form!

Name Start End TLE Loot Drop
Royal Return 5/04 0:00 GMT(0) 5/17 23:59 GMT(0) Scorpion King
BC01 0080.png

Rank at the top to get the fragments of this R4 Ally! Tower refreshes every week, so get going!

Leader Broad R4 Ally Fragment Rubies Exp Hero
Top 3 Elusive Jiancat Fragments x 41
BC01 0147.png
Rubies x 30 Irate Flame Octopus x 5
BC01 0102.png
No.4 and No.5 Elusive Jiancat Fragments x 16
BC01 0147.png
Rubies x 18 Irate Flame Octopus x 3
BC01 0102.png
No.6 to No.10 Elusive Jiancat Fragments x 10
BC01 0147.png
Rubies x 12 Irate Flame Octopus x 3
BC01 0102.png

Date Card Type Daily Event Loot Drop
Monday R1 Evolve Material Mermaiden's Fire Escort
BC01 0001.png
Mermaiden's Earth Escort
BC01 0002.png
Mermaiden's Sea Escort
BC01 0003.png
Mermaiden's Sun Escort
BC01 0004.png
Mermaiden's Moon Escort
BC01 0005.png
Tuesday R4 Evolve Material Ancient Aerian Fire Statue
BC01 0016.png
Ancient Aerian Earth Statue
BC01 0017.png
Ancient Aerian Sea Statue
BC01 0018.png
Ancient Aerian Earth Statue
BC01 0019.png
Ancient Aerian Moon Statue
BC01 0020.png
Wednesday R2 Evolve Material Breakers' Fire Totem
BC01 0006.png
Breakers' Earth Totem
BC01 0007.png
Breakers' Sea Totem
BC01 0008.png
Breakers' Sun Totem
BC01 0009.png
Breakers' Moon Totem
BC01 0010.png
Thursday R3 Evolve Material Mountain Fire Mask
BC01 0011.png
Mountain Earth Mask
BC01 0012.png
Mountain Sea Mask
BC01 0013.png
Mountain Sun Mask
BC01 0014.png
Mountain Moon Mask
BC01 0015.png
Friday R5 Evolve Material Illuminarian Fire Essence
BC01 0021.png
Illuminarian Earth Essence
BC01 0022.png
Illuminarian Sea Essence
BC01 0023.png
Illuminarian Sun Essence
BC01 0024.png
Illuminarian Moon Essence
BC01 0025.png
Saturday Coin Card Little Parrot
BC01 0120.png
Great Parrot
BC01 0121.png
Young Phoenix
BC01 0122.png
Mature Phoenix
BC01 0123.png
Sunday Rare R5 Evolve Material Breakers' Trophy Totem
BC01 0026.png
Mountain Trophy Mask
BC01 0027.png
Ancient Aerian Trophy Statue
BC01 0028.png
Illuminarian Trophy Essence
BC01 0029.png

Input Energy Value
Recovery Time is:
30 mins

Raise the sail and set course for a fresh and exciting puzzle-RPG adventure in Battle Odyssey!

Release Date: April 22nd, 2015

Category: Puzzle & RPG

Production: Gameloft

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